If you are interested in wholesaling our products (granola, muesli or bars), please contact us by filling out the form below.

  • First, fill out the form below telling us a good time to get back to you and what you think you'd want to order.
  • We'll review our price sheets and postage rates and then call to give you a price. We're happy to advise on quantities given and revise any of your original numbers. Basically, we will charge our wholesale prices plus shipping.
  • Then, at this point, if you still want to move forward, we'll put in our system. Once the order is placed you'll get an invoice with your detailed order plus shipping cost. 
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For example, 1-5LB Bag(s) of Gourmet Granola (Keith's Originola), 5-12oz Bag(s) of Gourmet Granola (Keith's Originola, Muesli or Granola of the Month), 10-24PK Beautiful Bars