“I have consistently bought subscriptions or individual bags as gifts for friends and family--and in the process, won over some "granola" skeptics. I wholeheartedly support [the] mission, and I can't get enough of the granola. Totally worth every cent.”

PMT, San Francisco March 24, 2012


“Taste and see -- it IS good. If you've never tried Cherry Chocolate granola, you don't know what heaven on earth is like…. chocolate, morsels of candied orange rind, and a nice big kiss of Swiss kirsch. But then again I'm also partial to their [Amaretto Pear] granola…The last time I went to RI, I picked up stashes of this gold. And it's great for breakfast, but equally delicious as a snack or dessert. Once you've tasted it, it's hard to stop nibbling.”



“This is delicious granola with unique flavors, and I've been so happy to enjoy it while also supporting such a terrific enterprise. Thanks…for coming up with such a great business model. Yes, one could find or make cheaper stuff, but that is hardly the point. This is a community enterprise that does good, and makes great stuff.”

K, South Bend, IN


“…truly art with a cause behind it. I subscribe to the Granola Club…We look forward to the delivery every month…. I don't have the skills, $ or time to run around and gather the makings for Amaretto Pear, Cherry Chocolate, or the inspired Pistachio Cardamom- but I'm more than happy to buy it and help out an amazing project and great people.”

A, CT March


“I joined the Granola… Club. I get to enjoy some delicious and unique granolas every month, while supporting one of the most vulnerable populations in our society. Kudos to… entrepreneurs who came up with this concept and turned it into a successful social enterprise.”



“I ordered some of the Holly Jolly Ginger at Christmas and loved it. Delicious! I ordered extra to give as original gifts with meaning behind them, since it helps the refugees. Plus, the blog is really well-written and interesting. You can tell the author loves writing and cares about each refugee. I enjoy the stories of the refugees - full of respect for them as people, and brimming with character. I just wish I lived in the U.S. so I could more easily get the granola, not just on trips over there. Keep it up, guys!”

KF, Zurich, Switzerland


“[Beautiful Day] has brought some meaning back to granola.”

JG, Westmoreland, NH


“I love to hear stories of people making small ripples towards good, especially in overlapping areas. Everything we buy represents many systems at work. There are many things I would pay extra for if the means of production is also providing jobs, some acculturation, and getting newcomers to the U.S. as invested in sustainable and affordable nutrition. Good food, good work.”

LS, Central New York


“[The] granola is amazing. High quality and thoughtful use of ingredients, and packaged to give as gifts to friends and family. Plus, it goes to a great cause. We are hooked.”

HF, Storrs, CT


I particularly like the various ginger flavors. Their work employing refugees also appeals to my social justice beliefs--there are a lot of refugees in Rhode Island, and a friend of mine works with them... And no, I have absolutely no connection with the company except being an eager customer. One thing I like to do at holiday time or for birthdays is to send their granola to friends around the country (especially those who don't want more "stuff" to house!).

M, Providence, RI


Mmm, providence granola is super delicious!!!

MC, Rochester, NY


As someone who volunteers with refugees in Rhode Island, I first bought the granola because of their mission and reputation. However, it’s cravings for their granola that has made me buy again and again. It is without doubt the best granola that I have ever tasted, and I especially love their flavors of the month… I’ve seen firsthand the care the refugee workers put into making the granola and the difference this first job makes in their lives.

E, Warwick, RI


If you care about people having jobs, developing skills, getting hold of life in a new place, that's value added to any price of breakfast or a snack.

MB, Providence, RI


Isn't this one of those "third way" options David Brooks loves to celebrate? (Next weeks' Op-ed, Mr. Brooks?)…To my mind, this sort of company is the best of all worlds, combining all the virtues of charity and locavore into one.

From my perspective, I don't think twice about giving $30 a month to Amnesty International. And in the case of Providence Granola, instead of getting an annual packet of return-address stickers (thanks Amnesty!), I get really delicious granola and muesli every month!

JH, New Haven, CT

I have ordered for myself and for gifts several times now. The flavors are unique and quite delicious. All the ingredients are top quality and plentiful (nuts, dried fruit, etc.) and make this granola well worth the price… this granola "delivers"! Try it and see for yourself.

D, Vermont


this is the best granola I have ever eaten. hands down… really really good granola. the. best.

JI, Providence, RI


“Wish more companies were willing to put these types of purposes/priorities first--for the common good. And the granola itself is incredible...Unless you've had it, you've probably never had anything like it.

DM, Knoxville, TN