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“I was given a gift of their granola as a gift....and I now use it as my go-to gift for others - it is amazing granola - I've never had anything even close to as good...but I also feel good about supporting the cause - I feel like I am making a contribution to a good cause every time I buy it”

JK, Warwick, RI


“We gave [it] as Christmas gifts and they were loved by all…  [BD] takes great care to use good quality ingredients… This enterprise is an example of a small business giving people who have few marketable skills in this job-sparse economy the dignity of working.”

Mike, Springfield, MA


“Local. Delicious. Making a difference. Delicious. People helping other people. Delicious. Delivered. Delicious. Unique. Delicious. Skill building. Oh, and did I mention how great it tastes?”

J, Providence


“Awesome granola, awesome cause!”

Bev, San Francisco

“I've been eating and sharing [BD Granola] as purposeful gifts for the last several years. I love their mission and really enjoy their product. Even though I work with other refugees in Providence, I'm always amazed by the touching stories on the blog. People making a difference. You don't find that on the cereal boxes in the supermarket. It's nice to be a part of that with each purchase.”

Jean M, Providence, RI


“My favorite breakfast ... a cup of yogurt and a generous topping of Ginger-Zinger Granola! A delicious and nourishing combo of tastes and textures, and a great way to help some "folks from away" to find their niche in Rhode Island! Wish Whole Foods would carry it in their Cranston store!”

CS, Cranston

“We heard about the granola through a family member, and have really enjoyed eating it! My children get very excited when the white box arrives every month. It's been fun trying new flavors and seeing all the wild combinations they come up with. The bag a month makes a great gift idea as well!”

JE, Bedford, VA


“We have often had the problem of not having any left come breakfast time--too easy and yummy to just snack on. I've tried to make my own, but nothing comes close. Cherry Chocolate? Ginger Zinger? This is amazing stuff. And I love the mission behind the recipes--helping these wonderful people find their way in a new country. Great company.”

Jo Fisher, Cranston, RI



“I am a huge fan of this granola and the project… I appreciate that this project allows me to support a specific cause with my transaction, like providing a gateway working opportunity for refugees, as opposed to throwing more money into a big pool that is often mis-managed. This seems like a well run organization and they have provided opportunity for refugees who have good intentions. On top of that, you receive some delicious granola. My favorites are any of the flavors they make with banana and/or chocolate.”

JA, Foxboro, MA


“…a great company. They didn't set out just to make tasty granola, they also wanted to help an underserved community, and it's worked! They're able to do both! I love that fact that there's a new flavor every month! You should definitely try them out!”

JL, Providence RI


“I teach social entrepreneurship in my courses at the university and we talk about projects like this. We can talk all we want about community service and volunteerism but a project that works like this certainly takes its place in queue of ways to make a contribution to the community and all of its members.”
SE, Peace Dale RI


“It would take way too much time, effort and money for me to buy the ingredients at Whole Foods and make it myself ; And how could I possibly make up such yummy recipes. “

SOS, Boston, MA


“It is a special treat I buy myself. Yes, I've made my own granola in the past, but I love the fun flavor combinations (pistachio cardamon, wow!)... No cheap fillers here. I also love the fact that my special treat is… not throwing my money into the coffer of some big company. My business is valued, and I'm investing in something that's effective and doing lots of good. No wasted taxpayer money here. Not only am I supporting these workers, but their entire families, and consequently their future generations. I'm an inner-city public school teacher, and know firsthand that when parents struggle, then children struggle, and it can take several generations to move out of hardship.”

AC, Providence