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Get serious about your granola!


We believe that everyone can do something practical about human displacement. #TeamGranola helps granola lovers become part of the solution in four easy ways:



about enjoying some seriously delicious granola and bars at an unbeatable at-cost price

Open doors

by supporting vital on-the-job training for refugees as they make your granola


with trainees and staff in our program to learn about displacement and resettlement


your experience with your friends, family and colleagues. Together, we can make a big difference

Our goal: 300 members, 25 open doors for refugees by the end of 2017.

Meet some of our trainees.

Choose your kind of membership today!


Great for individuals or families

Four delicious package options from starter pack to those on-the-go


A perfect gift option for any occasion, comes with a personalized card

Choose from 3, 6 or 12 months


Customized box for 10+ members

Unlimited snacks for groups

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