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Refugee made Granola and Coffee

Handmade. Craft-roasted.

It’s a Beautiful Day for granola (and now coffee) on a mission!


Mission and Impact

Proudly made by refugees in Providence, R.I.

We’re pleased to be our state's premier small-batch granola maker. And we’re proud to be introducing craft-roasted, heirloom coffee beans for this holiday season.

But the reason we take our work so seriously is because the process of making it allows us to provide critical on-the-job training for those among us who face significant job-entry barriers. 

All of our products are made, packed, sold, and shipped by refugees as part of a vital job training program. Most of our staff are former refugees. As a non-profit we see ourselves as belonging to our community, providing simple ways for everyone to engage with issues of human displacement. All profits return to our job training program.

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