Join our Granola Club.

It's the easiest, most delicious way to make a difference in a refugee's life every day of the year. 

Over the next year we will be improving ways that club members can learn about and interact with our trainees--so now is a great time to join. It also makes a terrific gift or a way to involve your kids (or office or other group) with refugees.

If you have any questions about the Granola Club, please refer to the FAQ.

The granola club has a limit of 450 members. It is a first-come-first serve basis as we expand production capacity.


Choose which package option you'd like to receive every month. We will charge you at-cost rate + shipping. 


Choose a monthly contribution to support a refugee in training - a minimum of $2/month. Since this will be a tax-deductible donation, we'll send you a year-end statement for your taxes. 


Package one


Perfect for Granola Connoisseurs

3 - 12oz (Keith's Originola, Original Muesli and Recipe of the Month) bags. 

Shipping and Handling

Package Two


For Established Granola Lovers

2 - 12oz (Keith's Originola and Recipe of the Month) bags and 8PK Beautiful Bars.  

Shipping and Handling

Package Three


Suitable for Granola On-The-Go

24PK Bars

Shipping and Handling


* Minimum tax-deductible of $2 is not included in the total monthly cost.