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Ladies and Gentlemen...."April's Got the Blues!!!"

So, just for the record, March was Chaat Masala Snacking Granola—one of our healthiest granolas yet made with hand-popped high-protein amaranth, chipped coconut, brown rice syrup, and organic dates; it was low gluten, almost no sugar at all, and had a fusion of spices like mango powder, fennel, cardamom, tamarind, chili, and fenugreek to start waking up your taste buds after a long cold winter.

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"Thank you for you!"

So far, with your help, the Providence Granola Project has paid about $9,000 in salaries this year and provided approximately 1,000 hours of job experience/training for new refugees.This on top of the fact that 5 out of 6 of our refugee employees have gone on to “real” jobs.When I compare this to the some of the Department of Human Service programs (that I help refugees access in my day job) it’s not bad at all.It wouldn’t be abnormal for the state to pay nearly $4,000 to provide an initial job training/experience for one welfare client—and this comes with no guarantees for further employment.So one way to assess the value provided by PGP this year (beyond the $9,000) is about $24,000.I think that’s pretty good.

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Two Introductions

 Saw Kay, a refugee originally from Myanmar (Burma), arrived in Providence about 4 months ago along with his wife and 5 children after spending years in a camp in Thailand. Saw and his wife Sa Nay are Karen—one of the ethnic minority groups who have been persecuted for years by Burma’s military government. Aside from one other family who arrived with them, they are—if you can imagine this!—the


speakers of a language called Karen Sgaw in the state of Rhode Island.

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