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Our Friends in Utica, New York

“We shouldn’t need reminding, but we do,” the paper said. “The reminder is that refugees and immigrants are what make our nation strong. 

”If you look closely at those refugees and immigrants, you’ll see some familiar faces. Your grandparents, perhaps. Or your great-grandparents.”

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Our Big Idea about Small Business

Lately, we’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of business....what a revelation it has been to discover how nearly every aspect of a small business—from capital to product—can serve a higher purpose. We’ve started calling this intention to repurpose every component of a small business our Big Idea

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The PGP at the 2016 SEEED Summit

Providence Granola joined the fun Saturday at the pop-up Buy With Heart Marketplace held at Brown University. The marketplace was hosted by the Social Enterprise Greenhouse and coincided with the 2016 SEEED  (Social Enterprise Ecosystem for Economic Development) Summit in Providence.

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Reflections by Issaq

Isaaq fled Somalia as a young man to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. He arrived in the United States in September last year, and in October, we welcomed him to the Providence Granola Project. Recently, we asked Isaaq's case manager at the local refugee resettlement agency Dorcas International Institute of RI--which refers refugees to us for job training--to talk to Isaaq about his experiences. 

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On Suffering and Giving

I send updates about Syria or Sudan or C.A.R. in our Twitter and news feed, but I’m not always sure this is wise or healthy.  While I believe that bearing witness can both honor and protest suffering, seeing without responding can also make us callous or nihilistic or afraid or depressed.  Reduction to 140 characters (!) sent or read while walking the dog  (and intermixed with pictures of what Uncle Joe ate last night) threatens to trivialize.  Yet deep compassion without action or interaction can sometimes shake us. 

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Bourbon Praline Pecans Recipe

So here's my very own recipe for the Praline Nuts I used in (yet another) batch of Pecan Bourbon granola yesterday.  (Our granola has honey, so it's not technically vegan to purists, but for the sake of shelf life, we don't use dairy.  The nuts are vegan, but that word doesn't always sound great in recipes.  (I wonder if there would be more vegans if someone would come up with a more appetizing word for vegan.)  Let's face it, praline might be a bit better with a ton of cream and butter.  This is almost more of a candied nut.  We have other agendas here.) 

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Invitation from Beautiful Day

We've launched our website, which, according to the 21st century, means we actually exist.

So we hope you'll celebrate our existence by stopping in at and learn about our efforts to mobilize refugee employment. Ultimately we hope to develop a replicable community-based model that could enable people who face incredible barriers to employment to find work.

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Et Tu Fruite? (Or is your Father?)

Ingredients:  Oats (org), honey (pesticide-free from Aquidneckhoney), canola oil (org), granulated cane juice, coconut (org), sesame seeds (org), barley (org), almonds, cherries, apples, peaches, blueberries, nectarines, plums, pears (some fruit contains sulphur dioxide and potassium sorbate), oat bran (org), wheat germ, pecans, sunflower seeds (org), flax seeds (org), walnuts, oat fiber, sea salt, cinnamon, almond ext., vanilla, rum, nutmeg.

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Beautiful Day in Rhode Island

One of our motivating convictions is that work is far more than a paycheck, but rather a vital expression of being human, of having and using gifts. If this is true, then motivated people who desperately want to work (such as refugees) should have access to work as a basic need or right. For someone who has never worked in the US, the first step is any work; a foot in the door of the job-market. A secondary step is meaningful work, which is why we’re so interested in business incubation.

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Little Company, Big News, plus "Why Refugees?" (part 3)

While we are the tiniest of companies, we are increasingly confident that we’re pioneering an effective and efficient model for improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our country. And if we can figure out how to do this, we could enable other communities serving refugees to adapt or replicate our efforts. Little steps towards big goals. For our fans spread out around the country and the globe, maybe someday you’ll find refugee-made granola at your local farmer’s market.

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Back for the Fourteenth

Cherry Chocolate: Oats (org), honey (pesticide-free, Aquidneckhoney), cherries (w/ sugar, sunflower oil), canola oil (exp pressed), granulated cane juice, coconut (org), sesame (org), barley (org), cranberries (w/ sugar, safflower oil), almonds, oat bran (org), pecans, wheat germ, sunflower seeds (org), flax seeds (org), walnuts, Ghiredelli chocolate, glazed orange peel (sulphured), oat fiber, kirsch, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt, almond extract.

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Announcing our New Web Site

We’ve been silent for a couple weeks… but here’s our big news: this morning we finally launched our new website at


So please come visit. Scout around. Learn more about our mission and the refugees who work with us. Find out where you can buy granola. Check out the pictures, blog archives, and links to interesting places. Read some very nice articles written about us. See if you can find our brand spanking new Ginger Zinger label (thank you Becky Joy). Follow us on Twitter if you’re so inclined; sign up to be on our email list (if you’re not already). So much to do, so little time.

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Certified Amaretto Pera

We’ve named it Amaretto Pear.

Di Saronna Amaretto Pera if you prefer.

Delicate, soft; the sadness of bitter almonds, the sweetness of pears, the wisdom of almond oil. (And also a few plums, and marzipan to keep them company.)

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Di Sarrona Amaretto Pera (plus Kiarostami and Juliette Binoche)

Oats (org), honey (pesticide-free from Aquidneckhoney), cranberries (cranberries, sugar, safflower oil), almond oil, canola oil (org), granulated cane juice, coconut (org), almonds, sesame seeds (org), barley (org), macaroon paste, pears, oat bran (org), wheat germ, pecans, sunflower seeds (org), flax seeds (org), nectarines, plums, amaretto liquor, oat fiber, sea salt, cinnamon, almond extract, nutmeg, cloves.

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Out of the Rain

This is also an even longer way of reminding you that Providence Granola is at the ready to service all your granola needs.We’re very busy, but eager to be even busier.The web store is open. A Granola of the Month subscription, in particular, is a one-of-a kind gift that can keep nourishing and delighting year round.

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