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Design Jam-- An Invitation

On April 12, we are gathering a group of creative people for a Design Jam.  If you live in the Providence area, then you and your friends are invited to join us.

The event will be facilitated by Tino Chow, a designer, strategist (and self-professed trouble maker). Tino is a RISD grad, TED Fellow, and granola fan, and now works for a design firm in New York.

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The idea for this non-profit grew out of the experience Geoff Gordon and I have had creating the Providence Granola Project and assessing it’s strengths and weaknesses as a vehicle to provide first jobs and job-skills for newly arrived refugees settling in Providence.  We hope to develop an efficient and effective method to help at-risk populations with significant barriers to employment find steady, meaningful jobs. While our intention is to focus on refugees, our ultimate goal is to create a model that would be transferable to other locations and at-risk demographics.

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