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Pantophobia (Part 2)

Okay, pantophobia or not, there are at least a few things I’m not afraid of.

Like, Turks, for example. 

Let me explain:  Earlier this month I visited my father who now lives in Basel, Switzerland. Basel is a beautifully quaint, sophisticated, cosmopolitan place with historic fountains, ancient Roman ruins, and modern pharmaceutical factories.  Nearly everybody I met had traveled widely and spoke English.  And yet, I kept overhearing the same kinds of worry-mongering that we’re used to hearing in the US about the dangerous lower-income immigrant section of town.  Who knew?!  Turks.  Turks not learning German.  Turks not assimilating. Turks keeping their wives under lock and key. (And don't get me wrong--I don't mean this as Swiss-bashing.  The Swiss have far more refugees per capita than the US.)

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