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The Best Best-Ever Granola Recipe (Part 2: Execution)

This recipe is ratio- and technique-based, time tested, bulk tested, and adapted to the home kitchen.   It ensures spectacular granola without intruding on your most basic right to express yourself by choosing your own ingredients in your own kitchen.  What could be better than that?  Even the ratios and techniques can and should be adapted to your preferences and equipment, but this recipe will provide the solid starting place to make judicious decisions. 

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Pinball, Haute Cuisine, and Holiday Giving

At Beautiful Day, we are sold on the importance of refugee resettlement in Rhode Island—not as charity, but as vital to the health, growth, compassion, diversity and joy of our community.  Sure, resettlement is expensive on the front end.  Ultimately, as refugees get jobs and get organized and integrate and eventually start businesses, it can be a sweet deal—a black Friday kind of deal for our state.  But only if they actually settle here.  And unless they see opportunities to contribute economically, refugees will not want to stay in Rhode Island.  This, of course, is one reason Beautiful Day exists.

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Bourbon Praline Pecans Recipe

So here's my very own recipe for the Praline Nuts I used in (yet another) batch of Pecan Bourbon granola yesterday.  (Our granola has honey, so it's not technically vegan to purists, but for the sake of shelf life, we don't use dairy.  The nuts are vegan, but that word doesn't always sound great in recipes.  (I wonder if there would be more vegans if someone would come up with a more appetizing word for vegan.)  Let's face it, praline might be a bit better with a ton of cream and butter.  This is almost more of a candied nut.  We have other agendas here.) 

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